Mi chiamo Kate, ho 26 anni, e sto facendo il mio dottorato di ricerca alla LUISS Guido Carli in Italia.

And that’s about all the Italian I know so far!


My name is Kate Dy, and on the 13th February of 2013, I received a call from Brussels awarding me an Erasmus Mundus PhD Fellowship. This fellowship allows me mobility between two universities within the GEM Consortium, as well as a double degree— one PhD from each university— when I finish my dissertation. My home university is the Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli or LUISS for short, and is the premier university for law and international studies in Italy. Here, my supervisor is Prof. Raffaele Marchetti and I am fortunate to have dear new friends Jasmin Hasic and Yoshimiko Owaki as fellow fourth generation GEM fellowship recipients.

Funding for my research lasts until 2016 and within that period I must: (1.) move from my home country to Italy, (2.) complete all legal red tape this move requires, (3.) in 2014, move from Italy to my to-be-decided second host-country, (4.) handle the ensuing bureaucracy that move requires, (5.) in 2015, move back to Italy (and again, go through the whole non-EU citizen-moving-between-countries process), (6.) learn fluent Italian, (7.) see all the beautiful sights, and (8.) oh yes, finish my dissertation. Huzzah!

This blog was created because I want to remember every beautiful and painful step on the road to my doctorate. Because this is important, and I never want to forget.


  • Hi Kate. Thanks for uploading your experiences. I am about to apply for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, but I hope I get it. I applied for AusAid last year, but I wasn’t able to get accepted, though I was able to get a supervisor from University of Melbourne. Hope I get in this time.

    • Hi, James! I wish you the best of luck! Melbourne would have been lovely, but hey, now there’s the whole of Europe to explore. We have a Filipino Erasmus Mundus group, in case you’re interested in talking to someone from the program you’re applying to. (And if it’s an EMJD program, then I’m right here!)

  • Thanks Kate. I got to know about Erasmus Mundus through Kaiser, an Erasmus Mundus scholar like you. My line of study would be on Education, particularly on counseling. I’m still gathering related lit for my proposal. Thanks again.

  • Hi Ms. Kate! I am Shammah Garcia, a college student from San Beda College, the one who contacted you before to have you as a respondent for my research interview. I wonder if you are still willing to participate. I sent the interview questions to your email. I hope to hear from you soon, Ma’am! Thank you! 🙂

  • Hi Kate, this is a great idea. I am also an Erasmus Mundus PhD student and have spent time in Italy and Belgium. Reading some stuff on here is really like deja vu. If you need any advice about anything or even a listening ear (bureaucracy frustration should be shared!), you can always email me 🙂 Good luck for the thesis!

    • Hi, Joanne! I will definitely take you up on the email offer! As I have two more years of battling bureaucracy to go… it’ll certainly be something. Good luck on your research too!

  • Hi Kate,

    It was nice to read your blog entries detailing your EMJD journey.
    Hopefully I’ll be joining the EMJD program this fall and my host university is ULB in Brussels.
    I noticed you stopped posting entries after March 2016, what happened?
    Were you able to finish your PhD program?

    Anyway, I hope you can find time to respond 😉

    • Hi Luke! The blog silence is due to being completely focused on finishing by the deadline— and it worked. The thesis has been defended at ULB and will be defended at LUISS in April. I hope to meet you in Brussels!

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