Our rings have arrived!

Like all things in relation to the wedding, it was a struggle to get the rings, though made easier by the fact that we’ve faced greater challenges before.

We vaguely knew what kind of rings we wanted from the beginning: complementary ones that were not completely alike, in platinum not gold, ideally a diamond eternity band for me and a milgrain one for the boy to match mine. The only conditions were that mine had to be the exact height and width of my engagement ring +/- 1mm, so that they wouldn’t clash, size-wise. (It’s quite incredible the number of new things I have learned since embarking on Project Wedding!)

[Week 132] Rings in boxes, safeguarded by Wolverine and Sansa Stark.
First, we went ring shopping in Manila but they didn’t have what we needed the rings were either yellow or white gold. Then we tried looking for them here, but our rings were unavailable in Europe my bands were off by more than 4mm, which looked terrible when stacked with the engagement ring. Then, miraculously we found them on a specialized ring site but then they were unavailable in the boy’s size, which is 13. Then they became available but engraving was not possible on my ring apparently they don’t have machines that can engrave on delicate bands here. Finally, after being on the phone with a customer service representative for half an hour, we figured out a workaround: we got the rings from their American site, had them engraved on site, then shipped to Belgium via Ireland plus tax.

Engraving and shipping didn’t take too long, all things considered, even though it felt like an eternity. We had started the ring hunt on the 1st of January and we got them the 10th of February. Grammar Nazi that I am I was paranoid the entire time that they would mess up punctuation or capitalization, but again, miraculously, they arrived perfect.

Keeping them under wraps until the day!

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