Cristian’s 31st Birthday!

Cheers to another year on this planet!
Cheers to another year on this planet!

Among the dozens of backlogged posts, this one should be the very first one to be put up: the boy’s 31st birthday, celebrated over an extended day while in Manila, Dubai, some 38,000 feet in the air over Budapest, and in Brussels. It all gets confusing and jetlaggy after that.

To be specific on the cake situation: we had Estrel’s Caramel Cake in Manila bought and candle-d up by my parents, a raspberry cheesecake and a chocolate slice at the Emirates lounge in Dubai, an inspired chocolate mousse cake with raspberry coulis from the terrific Emirates cabin crew mid-flight (how they did the lettering is beyond me), and a delicious Barcelona-themed Michelin star meal on the Brussels Tram Experience with special thanks to the crew once again who set up Cristian’s birthday dessert complete with candle and thankfully no singing.

This is only our second celebration of the boy’s birthday together, we had a long-distance Australia-to-Sweden Skype cake in 2013 and one of my stranger creations last year: blue icing on a strawberry cream pie (not to be repeated), so it’s quite special. And each one will keep on being more and more special until the world runs out of cakes or the diabetes catches up with us. Happy Birthday, Cristian!

DSC07020 DSC07090


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