Surprise Emirates Upgrades and a Happy Holiday Season

[Week 72] Hallelujah.
[Week 72] Hallelujah.
When our name was called by the Emirates boarding gate at Dubai during our flight, I feared the worst. Did they leave our bags in Brussels? Was there something wrong with our ticket? Were we being kicked off the flight? As it turns out, good news: we were upgraded to business class! And Emirates business class, as I tell everyone who will listen to me, is heaven.

Something about airport boarding announcements brings out the worst in people. This is good though— look, an actual queue!

I had already been feeling sick since yesterday, thanks to the stress of moving to a new apartment one day before leaving the country for holidays and inhaling the fresh paint and varnish fumes that come with deep breaths taken after repeated climbing of all four stories of said new apartment— probably lost a few years of life right there. While the flight from Brussels to Dubai was comfortable for a long-haul (thanks to Emirates’ wide seats and better-than-average economy class care), it was still a pain. My ears weren’t equalizing, I was crowded three-person deep against the window, and I had the general unwell feeling you have when you know you’ll be sick but aren’t quite there yet.

So these business class upgrades, not just for me but for the boy who was a first-time Emirates flier, were accepted with much gratitude. I still don’t understand why they chose us, upgrades are rare enough for one person much less a couple traveling together, but whatever reason that is, bless you Emirates and may each and every person working for you be happy this holiday season!

Since the flight it has all gone well. I am sick, of course, but there is no better place to be sick than ‘at home’ with your boy and your parents with advanced medical degrees. There is also no better place to rest and recuperate than the paradise island that is Cebu, where the breeze is cool and the water warm, and the grandparents very happy to see you.

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