Hello, Brussels!

[Week 61] This, again. Why, airport gods?
[Week 61] This, again. Why, airport gods?
So, I’ve arrived in Brussels. And it was a day to remember… and forget with a lot of alcohol.

First of all, SAS in their infinite wisdom ‘left’ all our luggage in Copenhagen. Not just ‘ours’ but all the bags from Goteborg got left behind. So all of us ended up waiting in vain at carousel 7, then trudging to the ‘lost baggage’ section of the airport to report our bags missing. This gave me strong déjà vu feelings when I had to do the exact same thing, with the exact same luggage chart in Fiumicino. Thankfully this time I was jaded and prepared, and not only had all the codes to identify my luggage but had photos to show them. The kind lady at the desk saw that it was my birthday the next day and marked my request ‘urgent priority’— which is why the bags arrived later that evening, right before midnight, around five hours after the working hours of the delivery people. Thank you, Sarah, you made my day.

This was not the worse of it though, oh no. As we were in the cab from the airport I realized that the driver had no idea where Village Patrimmonia was. The website mentioned no street address so I thought, hey, maybe it’s a famous thing. Not the case at all. I called all the numbers provided and only got voicemail, necessitating a long, difficult search down Avenue de la Couronne. Anyone who has been in Belgium will know that this is a long, long avenue.

But that wasn’t the worst part! Village Patrimmonia, contrary to the beautiful Photoshopped images on the internet, is far from the beautiful, relaxing place it claims to be. In truth, it is literally being built from the ground up and is being managed less efficiently than any other student residence I have ever seen. At the moment though I’m too exhausted to write about my jail cell, besides being tired from the SAS drama and yet-another déménagement, my room here at Patrimmonia is covered in a thick layer of dust and what appear to be small rocks. The heater is not working. The internet is spotty. And there are no shutters, so it’s like living your very own peep-show. I actively considered staying in a hotel overnight instead, except for the fact that hotel rooms are extremely expensive and that I was already exhausted beyond belief. Why hello there, Brussels! It’s lovely to meet you too!

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