The Failed Permesso Renewal and Paranoia in General

[Week 56] Look at all these people, flitting in and out of the city like butterflies.
[Week 56] Evacuate! Evacuate!
Long story short, the permesso renewal didn’t happen. The requirements to renew a permesso are pretty much the same as those to apply for one, with the added requirement of a letter from the university certifying that at least one exam has been successfully passed for the 1st renewal and at least two exams have been successfully passed for each successive renewal— a reasonable requirement all things considered, I mean if you fail your first year you have no business renewing a residency permit. However, I had requested the documents from LUISS even before I submitted my post office kit but for some reason— perhaps the August holidays­— I was not given them nor even the courtesy of a reply. I would’ve gone to the questura anyway except for the fact that my new tessera sanitaria hadn’t arrived either, something I suspect the aggressive ASL lady had something to do with. My appointment was today at noon, but with two major requirements missing from my kit, there was no point in traveling to the god-forsaken wasteland that is the Questura di Roma and Monday was spent doing moving-out-of-Rome preparation instead.

The ‘evacuation’ as I like to call it is going well, except for this sense of paranoia that is gripping me thanks mainly to memories of certain terrible experiences here in Rome.

Regarding the apartment we rented, I’ve been refreshing my online banking endlessly hoping against hope that my €2000 deposit has been returned— and as of refreshing it two minutes ago, it hasn’t. I was told by locals that ‘deposits’ are only returned when new tenants take over the lease, but since our lease ends this month and since the owner already inspected the property and said they would deduct the last few bills from the deposit, I was hoping that meant ‘we will transfer you the deposit now’. If our landlord doesn’t return the deposit and we leave Italy… well. That would be a headache of massive proportions. €2000 is not a small thing for a scholarship student!

I’ve also been refreshing the FedEx website— unfortunately, the boxes we shipped through Mail Boxes Etc used FedEx as their carrier. Last time I spoke with FedEx Italy, they had managed to get my extremely important package stolen with nary an apology, and only half of the shipping fees refunded to my mother. What about the other half of the fees? What about the cost of my Filipiñiana? I think they’re ignoring us now, at least I have gotten no response and I sent a follow up email just last week. That said, the two boxes of winter clothes and books that we shipped are now under their ‘care’, and I have nightmares of them allowing them to be stolen again. At this moment, both boxes are in Pisa. Why are they in Pisa? I have no idea.

Plus there’s the general cleaning happening, and packing, all the while dying in this 32° degree heat and worrying about things I have absolutely no control over. Throughout all this we have Abby, helping and translating and generally being there to listen to me rant, which has been quite often recently— basically she has made the entire experience bearable.

In sum, I have no new permesso di soggiorno, no new tessera sanitaria, no reply from LUISS in general about this or to our representative about any PhD-related issues (an entirely different but equally important problem) except from Domenico, who is always helpful though without the administrative power to move the required mountains. And of course, our €2000 deposit may or may not be returned to us, and our clothes and books are in the ‘capable’ hands of FedEx Italy who I hope take better care of them this time than they did last.

So, finally, we’re leaving on Sunday, the 31st of August— basically in a week’s time. Please, I am begging all the gods of Rome, please let us go in peace. Please return my deposit. Please let our boxes reach Sweden safely. Please, just let us go.

Be safe, little box. And you too, other box.
Be safe, little box. And you too, other box.


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