[Week 53] Our first family photo in a long, long time!
[Week 53] Our first family photo in a long, long time!
So I’ve been in the Philippines for a week now and it’s been both a whirlwind of activity and a bit of relaxation after an extremely stressful year. Upon returning to Manila after a weekend in Cebu with my grandparents— and extreme gluttony­— I managed to have all my backlogged medical checks done, new prescriptions filled, multiple blood tests sat through, and my first breast ultrasound ever performed (all clear)— though now I’m left wondering why I even bothered fighting for ASL registration in Italy when I end up just doing things here? Oh, Italy. Case in point, I was able to renew my Philippine driver’s license in less than 20 minutes— in comparison, I’m still waiting for the Italian one, and it’s been months. Who knows whether I’ll be able to get my Italian license before I actually leave Rome for Brussels!

Of course, not everything here is rosy. Manila traffic is as bad as ever— worse, compared to my childhood memories of the city, and the multitude of trucks on the streets is terrifying. Traffic rules are still ‘suggestions’ and much like taxi rides in Rome I end up shutting my eyes when on the road so as to not see my impending death. All in all, it makes you feel alive!

Other little things of interest include a new HP Envy 15, on which this post is being typed right now, replacing my old laptop that gave up in Budapest. The very first wedding in our family is coming up in January next year, which I’m unlikely to be able to attend given the twelve thousand miles between me and the venue but that doesn’t keep me from being excited! The very first wedding to happen from both sides of the family— we are getting old.

That reminds me of the adage “Remember to love your parents… We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.” It’s sad that I only get to see my parents once, maybe twice a year, and it’s very sad that my grandparents are growing frail, as 90-year olds are bound to do. We don’t always get along— what family does, really?— but I do miss them when I’m away. Specially when I’m faced with so much idiotic bureaucracy that I just want my parents to come along and handle it all for me. Unfortunately, I’ve been too old for that sort of coddling for a long time. Nonetheless, I’m very grateful for ‘cheap’ intercontinental flights and Emirates for letting me experience being taken care of every once in a while!

With Harlan and Missy, friends I have literally not seen since 2003!
An old photo of my grandparents when they were much younger.


Emirates is love. Best Europe-to-Asia airline so far!
Seriously, Emirates is love.
Seriously, Emirates is love.

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