FedEx International Shipping: Never Again!

I recently wrote about my shitty experience with FedEx Italy, where they accomplished the remarkable task of having my package stolen off their van. I thought that story was over— it was their fault, surely they would compensate my parents for the amount of shipping at least, if not for the extremely expensive national dress that is now somewhere in Rome.

Of course it wouldn’t be that simple.

First, after despairing to high heaven of this incredulous situation I was put in— nothing to wear for the Erasmus Mundus General Assembly Gala Dinner, a lot of frustration pre-flight, and my parents’ time and money essentially wasted ­— I was informed that FedEx Philippines wanted proof that the item was stolen. Specifically a declaration from the Italian office or a police report, this even after the local (Italian) customer service had told me that they had already contacted the local (Philippine) shipping point and that everything would be refunded. Upon hearing this news from the Philippines, I promptly sent an email to the local Italian customer support asking for such an official declaration. I got this reply:

It’s like I actually expected some assistance.
It’s like I actually expected some assistance.

In case you can’t read that, it says:

Dear Mrs Catherine,
Your shipment awb 803697267966 was stolen from courier van during delivery on 28/05/2014.
We already reported to the local police office and we will forword to you a copy of the police report as soon as the station will provide it to us.
Best regards,
Claudio Colarocco
Customer Relations Representative Italy
Fedex Express Europe
Tel: +39.02.92172263
Fax: +39.02.21883696
Orario: 13.00 – 19.00

This marvelously sensitive customer service email made me take a pause. How cheery. Ciao! It was a-stolen from our courier van! No apology. That was June 3rd.

Then, earlier today on June 20th I was told that FedEx Philippines finally sent a cheque, that of 2900 PHP. Shipping alone cost almost 4000 PHP, plus the cost of that dress and the shoes that came with it. I don’t know if they think we are stupid or are deliberately being insulting, but I don’t appreciate any of this.

Dear FedEx International:
  1. First, you allow my package to be stolen.
  2. Then, I had to call you to find this out (and pay for the pleasure).
  3. After which, you did not communicate this failure on your part to the local branch (Philippines), causing them to ask the shipper for proof that the item was stolen.
  4. Upon asking you (Italy) for such proof, I get a beautiful haiku-like reply that was utterly useless.
  5. Finally, you (Philippines) refund barely half of the shipping amount, with no mention at all of insurance.
It is simply unimaginable to me that so much failure could happen in such a short amount of time. To this day I have gotten no apology for the incompetence displayed, nor my parents given the proper refund for the shipping amount nor the declared value on the item.
This situation has created so much unnecessary stress. But obviously, no one cares.
So, thank you, and goodbye.
P.S. This is package number 803697267966. You know, in case you want to send my parents the full refund + item value. Just a thought.

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