Two Years of Us, Two Hundred Years of Norway!

[Week 40] One of us is nationalistic, and it’s not the Norwegian!
[Week 40] One of us is nationalistic, and it’s not the Norwegian!
Happy Constitution Day! And happy two year anniversary to us! (The boy often jokes that he can never forget our anniversary as it’s literally the most important day in the Norwegian calendar. Let’s hope that holds true!)

Our home has two flags standing— a Philippine flag and a Norwegian flag— and the colors unify beautifully. Blood red, ocean blue, clean white, and the Philippines’ yellow sun and stars. To celebrate our anniversary and the 17th of May the boy and I were walking around all over Rome with the Norwegian flag waving from my backpack, or more often being waved my be, enthusiastically and with great danger to others. People actually stopped to identify us as norvegese and ask why we had the flag and where we came from.

I’ve often commented on this but it’s extremely hard to answer the question “Where are you from?” I mean, there are so many ways to answer that. By paternal bloodline? By maternal bloodline? By nationality-at-birth? By country-of-last-origin? By country-of-identification? By where-you-currently-live? By location-you-just-left-from? Just ask me about my hopes and dreams! They’re much easier to explain. I used to always pause before answering that question, and now I either do a mental random number generation or do a rapid fire list of nationalities.

I realize now that it isn’t solely my conundrum— the boy faces a similar conundrum though he always just says Norwegian. Sure he has Norwegian citizenship but he’s at least half German and there are splashes of French, Danish, and other European mixes in there.

I also realize that when we do have children— god willing this will happen after I finish this dissertation and not before— the kids will have an even more interesting time. I laugh to think about it now. Every single introduction they make to every single new friend will be a novella, and one translated into multiple languages. But that’s a faraway future, there is lots of research to be done before then.

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