Peace Research, Daim, and Neon-Yellow Cola

[Week 39] Hello, snow!
[Week 39] Hello, snow!
Off to un-a-fjord-able Oslo for my very first workshop as a PRIO fellow! Apologies for the pun. Details to follow.


  • Hi Kate,

    I’m afraid I have read all your posts from 2013 until the most recent, in one night. This is potentially disturbing. Hehe. You are a very enjoyable read. I was wondering though, how did you find Norway? I’ve always been fascinated with the place, and I suppose I’m in the asking around/bugging people I don’t know phase.

    • Oh dear, I hope you didn’t get an overdose of doctoral student drama! I love Norway, it’s quirky, the people are friendly, everything is run with efficiency, and Oslo has a Ben & Jerry’s cafe so there’s nothing not to love. Things can get a bit pricey but I have fellow student-friends who’ve been surviving so it can’t be too bad. You should visit!

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