LUISS Guido Carli: The Mensa

[Week 38] A 'completo' from the mensa, for 3,20€.
[Week 38] A ‘completo’ from the mensa, for 3,20€.
LUISS’ mensa is possibly the top of the list of why I actually like the university. We’re often spoilt for choice in terms of food, though they always invariably overcook the vegetables— boiled vegetables means really, really boiled— and under-cook their pasta such that there’s a raw dot in the middle of spaghetti and a raw circle in the center of their penne and macaroni.

Overcooked veggies and undercooked pasta notwithstanding, I do appreciate their stratified payment system. As poor foreign students, we are automatically placed on level three and pay the least amount to get our food. A complete meal or completo normally costs the average student 10€ but we pay 3,20€ instead. A completo includes bread, a primo (typically rice, soup, or pasta), a secondo (meat), a contorno (veggies or insalata), a fruit, drinks, and if we’re lucky enough, a dolce. Reduced meals (either a starter, a side, and a fruit, or a main plus a side) can be as low as 2€. The above photo shows a particularly good day at the mensa.

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