Too Tired

[Week 26] Bright spot of today!
[Week 26] Bright spot of today!
Besides the regular heavy coursework load, we GEM students are expected to be ‘ahead’ in the sense that we have to present our doctoral seminar tomorrow instead of in September, which is when the other doctoral students do.

This is seven months of research and preparatory time they have that we do not.

This means us working on our methodology and RRL and case study ideas with absolute ferocity and having to keep track of so many trains of thought.

This means added urgency when requesting consultations, we can’t ‘just wait’ a couple of months more.

This also means not neglecting coursework, and keeping up to date with readings.

This means participating in class even though we are tired to the bone. And smiling! Always smiling.

This means that not only to we have to write 50,000 words, and write them well, for our courses, but we also need at least 20,000 words/ two chapters for our dissertation by the end of June otherwise we fail.

Don’t forget, we’re not Italian nor EU so we have to handle all the crazy bureaucratic fecal matter by ourselves. We manage, somehow.

I cannot begin to say how utterly exhausting this is.

It’s only Wednesday.

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