Manila Cabs

[Week 25] Manila: Not just for terrorists!
[Week 25] Manila: Not just for terrorists!
I got into a car accident on my last day in Manila and I guess I was so shaken that I forgot I owed PhD Project a post. Long story short, a taxi suddenly crashed into us from as my brother and I were returning to the hotel from a dinner out with friends.

Now I’m used to idiotic drivers having grown up in the Philippines (and having lived in Rome for a few months now), and I know that Manila cab drivers in particular are not only terrible road-wise but often far more sinister. That said, what shook me up the most was that (1.) there were two police officers on the scene who did nothing, even almost letting the taxi in question drive away, and (2.) my baby brother was in the passenger side seat, directly in the path of the taxi. We are both fine, and the car will be fine with some body work, but so help me god if my brother had been hurt no power on heaven or earth could have stopped me from hurting that taxi driver.


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