The Permesso di Soggiorno, Finally

Finally legal!
Finally legal!

Finally, my permesso! This final step in the bureaucratic quagmire known as getting legal was quite easy, even though there was no “notification” contrary to what they told us. Thankfully, my OCD required me to refresh the Polizia di Stato website and check the status of my permit every morning. Well, it had been flashing green for a week now, so on the morning of December 21st, despite no text message or email from the police, I decided to go get it and lo and behold it was ready!

The process was quite simple. I went to the questura indicated on the website, thankfully the one just down the street from me, I was led upstairs and fell into the typical Italian ‘queue’ where you just have to remember who was there before you, brought into a room where I handed over my original post office receipt, signed a ledger (yes, an actual hand-written ledger), and voila! I’m legal for the next ten months! Merry Christmas!

To see the previous steps of this three month long process, see The Permesso di Soggiorno, Part I of II and The Permesso di Soggiorno, Part II of II.

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