In memory of Sir Butch Guerrero

Today, tears for a dear friend who has passed away too soon.

There are no words, no poetic verses, nothing that can describe this moment. Sir Butch Guerrero was friend, colleague, mentor, and sunflower. He was kind to me during the difficult times as a junior faculty at the University of the Philippines. He was brilliant, and funny, and quirky, and ironic, and real. His smile never failed to make others smile, and when being catty his words could cut like nothing you would believe.

I never could drop the “sir,” even after much coaxing to, and now I suppose it’s too late.

This is for you, Sir Butch. You’ve touched many lives, and there are dozens of tributes for you on Facebook as I am writing this, and as much as I’m comforted by them, I can’t join in. Publicly displaying my sadness on such a platform seems to serve no purpose except to attract attention to myself, attention I would prefer not to have at this point unless in the form of a warm hug and not a cold virtual “like.” If I were to be as frank as you often are, it’s not like tagging you now would have much effect.

But know this. Here, in my quiet corner, I’m thinking of you.

In memory


  • Hello Kate, my sincere condolence for your loss.

    I’m from DLSU and I find his works amusing but sadly, I’ve only read a few; Essence and Talking to a Fu Dog on a Wedding Afternoon. I would like to read more of his works, can you help me locate or can you give me some of the titles that you know. Thank you.


    • Hi, Angela! If you visit the Quezon City area, I highly recommend paying a visit to the UP Press. It’s a bit hidden in the UP Diliman campus, near the University Registrar and the College of Architecture, but once you’re there you can ask anyone for help on finding the anthologies where his work is in— everyone there knew Sir Butch. There are a few, I remember he was in Tales of Enchantment and Fantasy by Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo but the staff at UP Press would have the best knowledge.

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