Young, in-love, and in Rome

[Week 16] Ti amo.
[Week 16] Be it Norway, the Philippines, Australia, Sweden, or Rome… home is wherever you are.
No matter how much bureaucracy Italy throws at us, no matter how much frustration we get from our daily battles with the public transport system, and no matter how many inane strikes plague Roma Capitale— one thing remains constant, we are young, in-love, and in Rome and non c’è nulla da dire dopo che.

Con il mio ragazzo, posso affrontare qualsiasi cosa.

Ours was the unlikeliest of meetings, in the unlikeliest of places, and somehow, throughout the months apart and intercontinental flights and days spent on Skype, we found ourselves here. Thank you, AusAID, for sending me to Australia in the first place. Thank you, Norwegian government for sending my boy there at just the right time. Thank you, Skype, Google, Facebook, Chikka, and most of all KLM for keeping us sane during the months apart. Thank you, European Union and Erasmus Mundus program for bringing me here. (Thank you Norway for being part of the EEA.) And hey, thank you Italy for still being one of the most romantic cities in the world despite your shortcomings.




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